By the light of the moon


You might be wondering what this photographic masterpiece is all about. I admit, these night-time walks are pushing the limits of my talents as a photographer! I’ll help you out – this is the moon, shining on Mount Royal last night during our urban hike while practicing English. For a while there, it was quite dark out during our hikes. We used headlamps from time to time. But these days, it’s brighter out. We figured out that this is because the days are still getting shorter, so the moon has more time to rise higher in the sky, hence a much brighter night.

Thanks to all for the great outing, which was our last in English, at least for the fall session. We had an interesting discussion about the Commission scolaire de Montréal’s recent decision to encourage/impose French speaking at recess. It’s always good to get multiple perspectives about these issues – you’ll just have to join us to find out what everyone thought! This somehow led to the topic of youth languages that are developing around the world. Our Columbian participant mentioned Spanglish, spoken in New York City. Our participant from Iran told us about Penglish, a version of Farsi with English characters, used while chatting.

In any case, I hope to see you all on Saturday, December 10th for the ARMP Community Potluck (open to all), or in winter for the snowshoeing version of this activity!

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