My favourite evening bike loop


On Monday night our After-Work Bike group did my favourite evening loop. We crossed the Jacques Cartier bridge (which you can see above in the distance) to Île Ste-Hélène, biked passed the Centre aquatique (home of the best outdoor pool in town, in my opinion), had a good ground hog sighting (people were much more interested in the groundhog than in the Biosphere just behind). We then crossed over to île Notre-Dame and joined the circuit Gilles Villeneuve where hordes of bikers and roller bladers going at breakneck speed overtook us. On the island some of us got the chance to see a fox – I see one about 50% of the time I visit this island. We also passed the Jean-Drapeau beach. Then we crossed the pont de la Concorde. Right after the bridge we turned in to Habitat 67 and snuck around the back where you can admire surfers on the standing waves in the St. Lawrence. We then biked out to the end of that peninsula, a well-hidden park called Cité-du-Havre, which gives the superb views you can see above. Then we followed the bike path to cross the Lachine Canal, the old port of Montreal and back up to Parc Lafontaine. So much to see!

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