I’m not a big downhill skier but by popular demand, here is some info for those without cars. Downhill skiing and snowboarding are pretty expensive to begin with, so once you add the cost of a bus ride it can be prohibitive, but there are a few good deals out there. Feel free to contact me if I’ve missed anything obvious!

Amigo Express https://www.amigoexpress.com/ski  Carpooling platform with a ski-specific function.

Autobus Galland and Express du Nord
www.galland-bus.com and http://www.expressdunord.com  This bus company organises package deals to ski resorts in the Laurentians, including the cost of the bus and the lift ticket, saving you a bit of money.  They have a special shuttle serving Mont St-Sauveur and Mont-Tremblant on weekends: Express du Nord.

Bus 125 to St. Donat https://mrcjoliette.qc.ca/  From metro Radisson on weekends, you can take bus 125 to Mont Garceau or La Réserve in St Donat.

Club de Ski Snow de l’Université de Montréal  www.cssum.ca University clubs tend to be open to the public, and have great deals on lift ticket and bus packages, as well as discounts on beginner lessons and equipment rental.

Concordia Ski and Snowboard Club www.surfthesnow.org

Experience Maneige http://maneige.ski/initiation-des-5-a-8-ans/   Free one-hour ski lessons including ski rental for children ages 5-8 at tiny local hills on weekends.  These lessons are held at locations that are accessible by public transportation: Centre de la nature (Laval), Parc Michel-Chartrand (Longueil), Parc Jean-Drapeau (during the Fête des Neiges).

Express Tours https://www.expresstours.ca/ski This company organizes regular day trips to ski resorts within a few hours of Montreal, including the bus ride. They tend to go quite far – Mont-Ste-Anne, Tremblant, Jay Peak, le Massif – but you can sleep in the bus!

L’Inter https://www.transportlaurentides.ca/inter/autobus-circuits-et-horaire/  This bus operates between St. Jérôme’s train/bus station and various villages in the Laurentians. It drops off relatively near Mont St-Sauveur’s downhill ski resort. You can get to St. Jérôme by commuter train (https://exo.quebec/fr)  or bus 9 (http://www.stl.laval.qc.ca/) from metro Montmorency station. This bus takes longer but is less expensive than other options.

McGill Snowboard Club https://www.ssmuski.com/

Meet-Up Groups www.meetup.com – for example – https://www.meetup.com/SkiNOW/ Meetup groups are a great way to participate in organised outings such as downhill skiing. Most are based on carpooling. Usually it’s free to join. Outings can cost something – it depends on the group. They can be active for a while with many members and events, then inactive. You can search for other groups based on themes.

Mont Sutton https://montsutton.com/en/no-car-dont-worry-you-can-still-come-skiing/  The ski resort provides some suggestions of how to reach it without a car.

Pente à neige http://www.penteaneige.ca  Located near Angrignon métro station in Parc Ignace Bourget, this small beginner hill offers ski and snowboarding lessons for children and adults. Financial assistance is available.

Rod Roy Snow School www.rodroy.com  Lessons, bus/ski without lessons, adults, kids, à la carte.

Ski Covoiturage and other Facebook groups https://www.facebook.com/skicovoiturage/  A facebook group that helps people organise carpooling specifically for skiing and snowboarding.  There are likely others, such as https://www.facebook.com/groups/181175228752378/

Ski Mont Bruno http://skisaintbruno.ca  There is a ski bus in winter from metro Longueil that goes to this small ski hill on weekends. See https://exo.quebec/fr for schedules once they are available.


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