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We are committed to making our activities as financially accessible as possible for low-income newcomers. To do so, we receive private donations and grants that help us in this mission. In order to benefit from these discounts, your situation must correspond to all 4 criteria described here:

  1. Were you born outside of Canada?
  2. Did you arrive in Canada less than 5 years ago?
  3. Is your family income before tax less than the amount in the list below based on the total number of people in your immediate family (including children)?

Family size (including children), income before tax:

1 person – $29 380
2 people – $36 576
3 people – $44 966
4 people – $54 594
5 people – $61 920
6 people – $69 835
7 people and more – $77 751

4. Can you confirm that you do not have significant investments or savings, nor family members or a spouse who can assist you financially with leisure expenses?

At the moment, we can only help a limited number of low-income newcomers. That is why we are setting up a code of conduct. This code of conduct will help confirm the needs of our participants and will also help reduce no-shows.

In order to respect our donors, instructors, and other low-income participants, we ask you to please commit to the following if you use a discount code:

Code of conduct requested:

  1. If I do not attend an outing, I agree to notify my instructor in writing two working days in advance of my absence*.
  2. I agree that I have read and the 4 criteria described above and that my situation corresponds to all 4.
  3. I understand, by taking advantage of the discount, that my presence is important during the activity.
  4. I understand that if I do not cancel on time, at least two business days before the activity, I am preventing another low-income person from taking advantage of the activity in my place.
  5. Finally, I understand that I may lose access to this discount if I do not notify my instructor of my absence on time.

*In the case of more complex activities or with an overnight stay, this delay will be longer.

If you are indeed eligible, please go ahead and register for the activity in question and read the instructions about how to access the discount code. Usually, you will just need to answer eligibility questions while registering, and if eligible, the discount will apply automatically.

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