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Discounts for Low-Income New Canadians

Every year, we seek donations to provide discounts to low-income new Canadians for certain outdoor activities. Our discounts allow people who struggle to meet their basic needs to participate in our activities.

As a first step, contact us to request a discount at pleinair@miltonpark.org Once your discount has been approved, we will explain how to proceed with registration and pay.

Because the funds we have to provide discounts are limited, if you can pay a bit more than the minimum, more people will benefit. Paying more than the minimum depends on your own situation and is up to you. If you can pay 50% of the regular price, for example, we can help you and someone else. Thank you for your understanding!

To be eligible for a discount for low-income new Canadians, you must be able to answer yes to all of the following four questions.

Were you born outside of Canada?
Did you arrive in Canada less than 5 years ago?
Is your family income before tax less than the amount in the list below based on the total number of people in your immediate family (including children)?

Family size (including children), income before tax:

1 person – $26,620
2 people – $33,141
3 people – $40,743
4 people – $49,467
5 people – $56,105
6 people – $63,276
7 people and more – $70,449

4. Can you confirm that you do not have significant investments or savings, nor family members or a spouse who can assist you financially with leisure expenses?

Small Discounts for All New Canadians

To encourage the participation of all new Canadians, regardless of their financial situation, we occasionally offer small discounts for certain activities. Typically, these discounts are around 10%. If such a discount is announced, please contact pleinair@miltonpark.org for information about how to apply it.

To be eligible for a discount as a new Canadian, you must be able to answer yes to the following two questions.

1. Were you born outside of Canada?

2. Did you arrive in Canada less than 5 years ago?

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