Carpooling Rules and Etiquette


Carpooling is often the most economical and practical mode of transportation to reach sites outside of Montreal. Here are a few rules and guidelines to ensure that carpooling is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Information for Passengers

Please be on time
Don’t leave garbage or crumbs in the car
Don’t distract the driver
Offer to help with navigation
Wear your seatbelt at all times
Agree upon where the driver will drop everyone off at the end of the activity. Together, choose one single location that is convenient for everyone.
Pay the carpooling rate to the Intercultural Outdoor Recreation Program coordinator, who will distribute it among drivers. The rate is around $7/passenger/hour of driving. This amount contributes towards the driver’s gas, maintenance, repairs and insurance. If the group must rent a car in addition to carpooling, the cost will be split among the passengers. (Please note: for certain outings, the cost of transportation is included in the registration fee. Drivers will be compensated).

Information for Drivers

Please be on time
As the driver, you are in charge in the car and it is up to you to make necessary decisions to ensure a safe situation.
Please ensure that your car is in safe and reliable condition, corresponds to Quebec’s road safety norms, is adequately insured, and has necessary paperwork. Please note that the Milton-Park Recreation Association’s insurance does not cover participants’ cars. In the unfortunate case of an accident or incident, the driver and his or her insurance are responsible for covering all related costs.
We recommend that you have a roadside assistance program such as Desjardins or CAA, and that you have a spare tire.
Drive safely and obey traffic laws at all times. The driver is responsible for paying any speeding, traffic or parking tickets.
Make seatbelts accessible.
Solicit help with navigating if necessary.
The coordinator will distribute carpooling contributions collected from passengers. This amount helps cover gas, maintenance, repairs and insurance. The amounts will be redistributed in an equitable and fair way, taking into consideration the number of passengers in each car.
We sincerely thank you for driving and for taking on this responsibility!

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