The years have flown by and this will be our 10th winter of introducing new Canadians to winter sports. Winter can be a tough season for new Canadians. Since 2010, we have introduced over 1000 beginners to the joys of cross-country skiing, skating and snowshoeing, thanks to your generosity and support. And I’m happy to report that these activities have literally transformed their entire relationship with winter!

To celebrate our 10th winter, we plan to organize beginner courses and outings, and a festive open-house event in February.  We aim to raise $2000 by Dec. 31st to help 50 low-income new Canadians try cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and skating, a great way to adapt to our coldest season. And we need your help! Make a charitable donation to help a low-income newcomer to Canada have fun outdoors this winter! $40 is the average price it takes for us to help one low-income newcomer try winter sports, defraying the cost of gear and instruction.

Here’s how: click here, on the Maison de l’amitié (our program delivery partner)’s online donation page. Follow the donation instructions and be sure to select and indicate “Intercultural Outdoor Recreation”. When you’re done, please e-mail me at [email protected] to let me know you’ve donated so I can thank you right away! You will receive a charitable receipt on behalf of the Maison de l’amitié de Montréal. I’ll also write to you at the end of the winter to tell you exactly who you helped and what they thought of the winter!

It’s also possible to donate via the Milton Park Recreation Association, but without a charitable receipt, through our online registration platform.

Thank you so much for supporting the Intercultural Outdoor Recreation Program, a joint initiative of the Milton Park Recreation Association and the Maison de l’amitié de Montréal (a registered charity). 


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