Afro-Caribbean-QC vegetable box DISCOUNT!


We are excited to announce a new partnership with Les Jardins Lakou, a farm in Montérégie near Montreal that is offering locally-grown vegetable baskets, delivered weekly to our community centre at 3590 Jeanne-Mance Street, or directly to your home or a few other locations!

This farm is unique in that it will be providing Afro-Caribbean vegetables (grown here) in addition to the more typical Quebec vegetables. This kind of local vegetable basket is very popular this spring because everyone is concerned about having reliable, safe and healthy food sources. Signing up for a weekly food box with Les Jardins Lakou will be a chance to strengthen your connection to Afro-Caribbean traditions, or to discover some new vegetables and recipes… and of course to eat well, support sustainable agriculture and a local farmer with Haitian roots!

As part of our partnership, the farm is offering us a discount of 6% . Here is the discount code: PAILAKOU  

Don’t wait! Registrations end on May 15th and space is limited. Register at – you’ll also be able to consult the map of where the farm can deliver, the list of vegetables, prices and all other details!

The weekly deliveries will begin in June. If our locale is not yet open on that date due to COVID restrictions, Jardins Lakou can deliver directly to your home, for a small additional fee.

Personally, I’ve been signed up for weekly vegetable baskets for several years now and I love it! The vegetables truly do taste way better. I enjoy having a closer link to the farm and it encourages me to eat in season. Plus, I’ve ‘met’ a number of new vegetables that have become staples for me now! The idea is that you register for the season in advance, then receive vegetables once a week for 20 weeks!

Take care and enjoy your vegetables!

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