Cross-Country Ski Courses in Person!

Photo: Neil Yee

Learn cross-country skiing right here in Montreal with the Intercultural Outdoor Recreation Program! Register for one or several courses à la carte in order to progress at your own rhythm. There will be the option to rent skis onsite if needed. Small groups of 4 participants per course!  

Your instructor, Adrienne Blattel, is the coordinator of the Program and is also a ski instructor trained by Ski de fond Québec. This is her favourite activity in the world and she is really excited to share it with you!

When? We’ll be adding on various different dates and levels as the winter goes on. Keep an eye on the schedule here:

Length: Each course will last 1.5 hours. ***You must arrive 20 minutes BEFORE the start of the course if you need to rent skis.  Otherwise, arrive on time and 100% ready to ski!

Where? Meet in Jeanne-Mance Park.

Regular rate: $25 plus taxes per course, plus $10 to rent skis/boots/poles if needed.

Reduced rate for low-income newcomers to Canada: $5 plus taxes, including free loan of the skis if needed (but please bring your own if you have them).  In order to qualify for the reduced rate, your situation must correspond to all four criteria described here. Please use the following discount code: NAFRSki2022

Our different courses and levels this winter:

Beginner 1: You have never cross-country skied before. Welcome to adult beginners who have never done winter sports!

Beginner 2: You have already skied once. You can get up after falling down and you are familiar with the ski equipment.

Beginner 3: You have already skied two or three times. You are starting to move a bit faster on easy terrain (compared to the first day). You have received explanations of the basic ski techniques. You are comfortable gliding down a small downhill.

Beginner 4: You have already skied a few times. You are starting to use the snowplow technique on small downhills and are ready to try this on a bigger downhill.

Registration: If you need help, please call our office at 514.872.0566 x 0. First come, first served.

Courses will generally happen regardless of weather conditions. We will follow current health guidelines. You will need to show a valid vaccine passport in order to participate.


Looking forward to skiing with you!