Snowshoe Hikes

Snowshoeing hikes

This snowshoeing activity has two objectives:

– To share a beautiful snowshoe hike together;

– To teach you how to move around in nature (in varied and variable environments) in a safe and autonomous way with snowshoes.

*** (Please be aware that it is likely that we will use crampons if the snow conditions do not allow the use of snowshoes). 

– The sessions aim to give you to the basics of proper use of snowshoes and crampons.

– The sessions aim to help you differentiate between various practices of hiking and walking and give you the keys to practicing these activities well. 

– The sports instructor will also be available to answer your questions about the knowledge you’ll need when in a natural environment and about outdoor physical activities in general.

– The meeting point for all outings will be in front of the small stone house at the intersection of Duluth Avenue WEST and Parc Avenue in  Parc Jeanne-Mance,

– The outings will start at 2 p.m. and end around 5 p.m. every Sunday. Please come 15 minutes before (1:45pm) to get equipped if you do not have snowshoes. The end time of the activity can be a bit variable.

– Activities will take place rain or shine.


– 8 sessions for $120 (snowshoes included):

(The discounted rate for the 8 outings if you are a low-income newcomer is $5 plus taxes plus the annual membership card ($10). In order to benefit from the discount, your situation must correspond to the 4 criteria described here. To access the discounted rate, please use the following discount code: NAFRraq22023