Webinar: Making Outdoor Recreation More Accessible to People of Colour

Although outdoor recreation can help bring people together, obstacles to the full participation of people of colour persist. During this webinar, an organization and a researcher present their strategies to help overcome these obstacles. Our speakers from Motivaction Jeunesse in Quebec City present their important work with youth from marginalized and immigrant communities through outdoor activities as well as larger events. Speaker Jacqueline Scott shares the results of her research and experiences as a PhD student at the University of Toronto, an outdoor guide and co-author of Nature Canada’s ground-breaking ‘Race and Nature in the City‘ report. Special guest Lily Durkee, President of Diversify Whitewater, gives us a snapshot of her Colorado-based organisation. Adrienne Blattel, founder and coordinator of the Plein air interculturel program, as well as Behzad Damghani, Plein air interculturel volunteer, were the moderators of the webinar.

Simultaneous French-English translation was available during the live version. Here is the recording:

Original date and time: Monday, November 22 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Questions? pleinair@miltonpark.org