Whitewater Kayaking Course With Logistical Support!

Are you interested in taking a whitewater kayaking course with the Montreal Kayaking Club? Plein air interculturel invites you to take this course with Adrienne, who is both the coordinator of Plein air interculturel, AND one of the instructors of this course. As a bonus, she can help you organize carpooling and access camping equipment at a low price!

Dates: The course lasts two full weekends: May 28-29 and June 11-12. Most people will travel there on the Friday evening preceding the course.

Location: Grenville sur la Rouge, 1 hour and 15 minutes from Montreal


  • Know how to swim AND be comfortable in the water. We will be under water and in the water pretty often!
  • Be ready to spend two very physically active weekends entirely outdoors. Contact us if you are unsure!
  • Be ready to give some of your time to organize group logistics together.

Cost: $399, payable directly to the kayak club, including kayaking equipment, 4 full days of instruction, access to the campground, a yearly membership with the kayak club, insurance with Eau Vive Québec.

Not included: wetsuit rental, carpooling. Loan of camping equipment at a low cost. Food sharing. Potentially Friday night camping fee.

How to register:

First come, first served. First, please register for the course via the Montreal Kayak Club here: https://www.cckevm.org/Initiation-eau-vive  Important: you must select group 1 (regular group)***.

Adrienne’s group is now full, but there will be other groups with amazing instructors who are dear friends, and we will be on the same river and in the same campground! But you can still register with the club and also with us to potentially reserve camping gear and get help with other logistical aspects; please register here: https://www.amilia.com/store/en/armp/shop/activities/3868415. You’ll need to register and pay with the club AND register with us at the above link by Monday May 16th to benefit from our logistical support. After Monday, you are welcome to register with the club, but we will not be able to provide logistical support. Thank you for your understanding!

Questions? pleinair@miltonpark.org