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Make a tax-deductible charitable donation to sponsor a low-income new Canadian to try camping, canoeing, kayaking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, skating, hiking or cycling with us! This sponsorship program is a joint initiative with the Maison de l’amitié de Montréal. Any amount is most welcome.

To make a donation, please click here.  This link will take you to the Maison de l’amitié’s online donation page. Follow the instructions and then be sure to select/indicate “Intercultural Outdoor Recreation” where the site asks you to ‘apply your donation to a fund set up by this charity’.  A charitable receipt on behalf of the Maison de l’amitié de Montréal will automatically be sent to you. Once you have donated, please write to us at to let us know, so we can thank you right away for your support!

Why Should I Donate to This Sponsorship Program?

Getting outdoors can be complicated when you are new to the country and don’t have much money, let alone a car, tent, gear or experience. Any of us who enjoy spending time in the outdoors know how valuable it is – feeling a connection to the land, developing friendships and social networks, and enjoying the best of what our surroundings have to offer.

Our Intercultural Outdoor Recreation Program brings new Canadians and other Montrealers together through fun outdoor activities, and gives new Canadians the chance to try out traditional Canadian outdoor sports and enjoy themselves in all 4 seasons including the winter! Our sponsorship program enables low-income new Canadians to participate in outdoor programming that can profoundly transform their experience of settling in to Montreal.

Grassroots Giving

Our sponsorship program is a particularly direct model for your charitable donation. It’s a chance to know exactly where your money is going and who you are helping. We will use your donation to cover the registration fees for a low-income new Canadian in an outdoor recreation activity that we organize. Your donation will be a tangible contribution to our community-based initiative and will change someone’s life!

Charitable Receipts and Tax Benefits

When you donate to our sponsorship program through the Maison de l’amitié, you will receive an official donation receipt that you should save to claim a tax credit. As an example, a $40 donation would earn you a tax credit of $14.  Larger donations can lead to tax credits of nearly 50%. Exact percentages and amounts depend on your specific situation. Please see the Canada Revenue Agency’s website for a full explanation as well as a charitable tax credit estimator based on your province of residence.


Most of our volunteers are former participants! We rely on volunteers to help guide, organize and promote our activities. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering:

A most sincere thank you to our many devoted volunteers. Thank you to Marc Bruxelle, Marie-Geneviève Lebrun and Danielle Lewchuk for the endless hours you spent creating this website and editing the text.